Bio-fermenter Control Unit


Control UnitBio-fermenter Control Unit+Software, H3-1100.00, £125.00

The bio-fermenter control unit connects directly to the ALBA Interface and Logger using three short leads. The unit is supplied with software for controlling up to 4 inputs and two outputs. Output X is rated at 10V, 2A and is used for controlling a cartridge heater. Output Y is rated at 5V, 100mA and controls the peristaltic pump. On the right hand side of the unit there is a 5V supply for driving an air pump. A 13-15V, 3A dc supply is required to power the bio-fermenter control unit.

It would be possible to have the following connected:

  • temperature probe controlling the cartridge heater on output X:
  • pH probe controlling a peristaltic pump on output Y
  • dissolved oxygen probe
  • a light sensor
  • an air pump.

Note that to use more than two sensors you will require the Input Extension Unit.

The Bio-fermenter Control Unit requires V1.10 of the firmware chip in the ALBA Interface.

Control Unit Setup

Control Unit Setup









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