Respiration Monitor Belt


Respiration Monitor Belt, H3-1040.00, £89.00

Respiration Monitor BeltThe Respiration Monitor Belt (RMB) is used for investigating human respiration rates. It must be used along with djb microtech's Low Pressure sensor B1-1100.10 which connects to the analogue inputs of the ALBA Interface.

The RMB is supplied with tubing and connectors to enable easy connection to the pressure sensor.

Students can use the Respiration Monitor Belt to investigate:

  • their normal respiration rate,
  • the effect of holding their breath on their respiration rate,
  • the effect of exercise on their respiration rate,
  • the respiration rates of athletes and non-athletes,
  • the respiration rates of males and females.

Breathing Graph

Results from Breathing Application on Biology Disk 1.






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