Spirometer, H3-1063.00, £258.00

SpirometerThe items supplied with H3-1063.00 include:

  • Spirometer
  • 5 disposable mouthpiece
  • 1 disposable bacterial filter
  • 2 noseclips

The spirometer connects directly to the ALBA Interface and Logger and uses the Investigator Software.
When a person breathes through the Spirometer a pressure difference is created across a mesh screen in the flow head. The greater the flow rate the greater the pressure difference.
The pressure difference is recorded by the ALBA software and is converted into a flow rate displayed in litres per second. By integrating this flow rate the volume can be calculated.

Disposable Mouthpieces - Pk of 10, H3-1064.00, £4.60

Disposable Bacterial Filter, H3-1065.00, £3.80


Nose Clip, H3-1065.50, £1.85

Using an exercise bike to study the effects of exercise on breathing.


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