Screenshots - Science Basics Disk 1

Below are some screenshots from Science Basics Disk 1.
Candle BurningOxygen being used up as a candle burns in a closed tube.



Heat AbsorptionThree flasks of different colours absorbing heat energy from a lamp.
At 600s the lamp was switched off and the flasks were allowed to cool.



ConvectionA hair drier has 2 temperature probes placed in front of it - one slightly above and the other below.
Note that the temperature of the lower probe falls slightly as the cooler air moves in.



Catalyst ExperimentOxygen released when the catalyst manganese dioxide is added to hydrogen peroxide.




Ice and SaltTwo beakers of crushed ice with one having salt added at 4 minutes.



Half Value Thickness of leadHalf Value Thickness of Lead



Exhaled AirInhaled and exhaled air - oxygen.







EnzymesOxygen released after potato has been added to hydrogen peroxide.
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