New and Recent Products

RMS & DC BoardThe RMS and DC Voltage board lets the user compare the brightness of a lamp when operating from AC & DC. The AC is adjusted until the brightness is the same for both supplies. At this point the energy being delivered to the lamp by both supplies is the same. A scope is then used to compare the peak AC and the DC voltages.

Sound Control UnitThis unit was designed to show an interesting way of operating our Relay board.

You can control lamps and motors with the snap of your fingers OR replace the microphone with a phototransistor then control the lamp or motor with your TV remote.
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Elastic CordFive different diameter elastic cords are now available for investigating standing waves using our vibration generator.

Spiral Light GuideThe Spiral Light Guide has been designed to show internal reflection and refraction.
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Opto SourceThis bright source consisting of 9 LEDS lets basic optic work be done in the daylight. Clearly shows the image invertion in the vertical and horizonal planes. No more working with candles or carbon filament lamps.
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TSA + GMTSA + GM Counter

All the usual modes are there with a couple of enhancements - the Fast Timer can now process up to 8 times and the channel information is given with the Event Timer. In addition the TSA can now be used as a ratemeter, counter and period counter.

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Battery Box

Useful for powering TSA - enabling it to be taken outside for some interesting experiments. Click for more info.



Light GateLight Gate with infra red source.

This version of our light gate has no bulbs that can blow and the batteries (2 AA) last very much longer.


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Sound SwitchSound Switches

The reduced height of the switches means that they will not topple if the flex is tugged.


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ColourimeterWireless colorimeter.

This is a cost effective, easy-to-use instrument that delivers a performance that rivals instruments many times its price.

FootswitchWe have added a footswitch to our range. This enables reaction time experiments to be opened up to some interesting investigations.

Fuel CellUse water and our fuel cell to make electricity and drive a motor.

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Function GeneratorThis is a top quality, high spec, function generator produced by Frederiksen of Denmark.

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g-ballHave fun with our g-ball. Drop it from a known height and calculate 'g'.

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Puzzle BoxDevelop your student's problem solving skills. Each box contains an electrical component and the students have to perform measurements and deduce what may be in the box. At no time should the box opened (in front of the students!).

Sun CollectorInvestigate the heating effect of the sun. The unit is complete with water pump and storage tank with heat exchanger.

Using a pyranometer you can find the unit's efficiency. Is it more efficient than a solar cell?

PyranometerThis instrument is designed for field measurements of global solar irradiance. The Pyranometer is supplied with a digital display for direct readout of the irradiance in watts per square meter. Two 4 mm sockets are provided so that the signal can, if required, be used by a datalogger.

Our range is always increasing. Keep your eye on this part of the site to find out what is new.

Logic BoardIntroduction to Electronics - Logic Board. This board offers students an excellent problem solving approach to electronics.

Free Fall ReleaseFalling Ball Release Mechanism

Used in conjunction with our Timing Plate makes the 'g by free fall' experiment very easy to set up.


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