ALBA Interface and Logger (USB)


The ALBA Interface and Logger (USB), S1-1000.01, £198.00

ALBA USBThis includes Power supply, USB cable for PC, Disk 1 and manual.

Version 2.00 and greater of the ALBA core software will run both the older serial port version of the ALBA Interface and Logger and also this USB version. The Applications software - all 100 plus Applications - will run on both versions of the hardware. In addition the Ranger, Power Meter and Electronic Balance will also operate on all versions of the software. All sensors will operate in both versions of the ALBA Interface. We have endeavoured to make the transition to the USB version of the ALBA Interface and logger as seamless as possible.

Sensors connect to the back of the ALBA Interface and Logger. For a full list of all the Application Software visit the Software section of our website.
The USB version takes its power from the PC and does not require a separate power supply. Users wishing to use the ALBA Logger remotely to collect data while not connected to their PC will require the Remote Power Supply.
Please note that the manual supplied with the ALBA Interface takes the form of tutorials which references various files on Physics Disk 1. No knowledge of Physics is required to use the tutorials. A pdf version of the manual is also installed in the ALBA folder and you may print out as many additional copies as you require.
View the Data Logging section for more information.





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