Colorimeter, K3-1500.00, £109.50


Mystrica 2.0 retains all the functions and operations of the original with the addition of wireless connectivity that allows the colorimeter to be used with iPads (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th generation) and iPhones (4S and later but not 4). There are a few other minor modifications to further enhance the performance.

The colorimeter from Mystrica can be used as a stand alone unit or connected to a PC. This easy-to-use instrument delivers a user friendly performance that rivals instruments many times its price.


  • Simple, robust design.
  • Versatile use as stand-alone or with a computer.
  • Performance that rivals instruments many times the price.
  • Readings displayed as absorbance or transmittance.
  • Long battery life.
  • USB link displays and stores results as tables and graphs.
  • Fully supported suggestions for practical activities

The cost includes batteries, ten cuvettes + caps, a cuvette rack and a USB cable to connect the colorimeter to a computer.

The colorimeter is supplied with a link to download the free software that runs on Windows 2000, XP or Vista. A Mac version of the software is in preparation and should be available soon.

Colourimeter graphSuggestions for practical work are available and cover many areas of chemistry and biology including:

  • investigations with enzymes – effects of temperature, pH, inhibitors – enzyme kinetic
  • quantitative determination of biological molecules – sugars, protein, vitamins, etc.
  • quantitative determination of inorganic ions – nitrate, phosphate, etc.
  • population growth of micro-organisms
  • detection of biological molecules
  • photosynthesis
  • environmental water quality
  • nitrogen cycle
  • population growth
  • biological membrane
  • genetics

The colorimeter is suitable for educational use. It is not intended for clinical, commercial or research applications.


Colourimeter Graph 1

Colourimeter Graph 2




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