SJ Container & Lids


SJ Container, H3-1020.00, £2.00 (for 2)

SJ Container & LidsThe SJ Container is ideal for putting plants and/or small creatures in. The wide neck makes access very straight forward. The oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors fit snuggly into the holes.

Used with lids H3-1020.15 and H3-1020.20 they are also ideal for storage.


SJ Single Hole Lid, H3-1020.05, £0.95 (for 2)

This lid has a hole which takes either the oxygen sensor or carbon dioxide sensor.


SJ Two Hole Lid, H3-1020.10, £1.15 (for 2)

The two holes in this lid are designed to take the oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors. This enables respiration and photosynthesis experiments to be investigated.


SJ Yellow Lid, H3-1020.15, £0.80 (for 2)


SJ Red Lid, H3-1020.20, £0.80 (for 2)




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