Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor


Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor, H3-1010.10, £330.00

Carbon Dioxide Gas SensorThis new dual range Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor replaces the original one. The two ranges are 0-10,000 ppm and 0-100,000 ppm. All the Applications on Biology Disk 1 and the Science Basics Disk 1 work exactly as before provided the Low Range is selected on the sensor. The high range is excellent for studying human respiration.
In addition the sensor allows students to

  • measure CO2 levels during cellular respiration.
  • measure CO2 levels in photosynthesis experiments.
  • monitor the increase in CO2 levels from small animals.
  • measure the rate of production of CO2 in chemical reactions.
  • monitor CO2 levels in our biofermenter.
  • monitor CO2 levels during fermentation or respiration of sugars.










Vessel + Gas SensorsFermentation Vessel with Oxygen Gas Sensor and the old style Carbon Dioxide gas sensor.










Typical graphs for yeast and glucose solution.




Oxygen Graph


CO2 Graph




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