Oxygen Gas Sensor Mark 2


Oxygen Gas Sensor, H1-1000.01, £128.00

Oxygen Gas Sensor The newer technology used in the Mark 2 Oxygen Gas Sensor results in a much longer life of the sensor since the chemicals within the cell are not used up. Consequently it should last for many, many years if treated carefully and used in a clean environment.
It connects to the analogue channels of the the ALBA Interface and Logger.

The fast response of this sensor makes it excellent for :

  • studying respiration in plants and animals
  • photosynthesis experiments
  • studying catalase reactions
  • studying biofermenter reactions
  • examining a burning candle.

Our oxygen sensor in conjunction with the carbon dioxide sensor gives the potential for changing the way many Biology experiments are carried out.


Vessel + Gas SensorsFermentation Vessel with Oxygen Gas Sensor and the old style Carbon Dioxide gas sensor.












Typical graphs for yeast and glucose solution.


Oxygen Graph


CO2 Graph




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