Transmission & Absorbance Monitor


TAMTransmission & Absorbance Monitor (TAM), H3-1260.00, £97.00
TAM continuously measures the transmission of light through a broth i.e. it displays a measure of the turbidity. It has been designed for use with our Bio-fermenter and Control Unit.
The tubing forms part of a closed system - the broth being removed from the container by the peristaltic pump contained in TAM. A very bright light shines through the tubing and its intensity monitored. From this measured value (in volts) the absorbance can be calculated.
The output of TAM is in the range 0-5 V.
When the experiment is completed two straight forward steps are required to display the absorbance.
TAM is supplied with autoclavable tubing and a plugtop power supply.
Users wishing to adapt the system for other data loggers should contact djb microtech.


TAM ConnectedTAM Setup















Absorbance Graph

Typical results:
















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