Electronic Balances


Electronic Balances
Electronic BalancesThe features of this new series of compact balances from A & D include:

  • slim and compact design
  • LCD display with backlight
  • stainless steel weighing pan
  • levelling bubble
  • sealed keypad
  • security ring
  • RS232 serial communication as standard
  • auto power off
  • comparator function

Platform size :

  • 100 mm diameter on EK - 200i and EK - 300i
  • 133 x 170 mm on all other models

View Electronic Balance software.

View suggestions for experiments to try using our Balance software.

EK - 410i 400 g x 0.01 g, K3-2000.06, £235.00


EK - 1200i 1200 g x 0.1 g, K3-2000.10, £230.00

The Balance Software is a new component of the ALBA software suite, supporting the excellent range of balances from A & D. The software is extremely easy to set up. The user selects how they wish the results to be displayed by checking the appropriate boxes. The results may be displayed as a meter, table or graph - or any combination of these. All the normal ALBA software features are available to the user e.g. graphical and tabular analysis, gradient and area tools, statistics and report writing.
Balance Software (PC only) with site licence, S1-4200.00, £51.00


Serial cable connecting A & D balance to PC, EK-0005.00, £8.55


Suggestions for Experiments Using our Balance Software

  • Increase in mass of copper when roasted in air - before and after.
  • Effect on mass when reaction products are gaseous.
  • Investigation of acid attack on limestone - logging over a long period.
  • Dissolving of a solute and the constancy of total mass.
  • Precipitation reaction carried out in a flask - conservation of mass during a chemical reaction.
  • Monitoring mass loss of carbon dioxide during fermentation.
  • Investigation of energy content of different fuels (spirit burner) - mass loss of burner v temerature of water.
  • Mass loss during transpiration.
  • Variation of force generated by an electromagnet v current through electromagnet.




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