Conductivity Sensor


Conductivity Sensor, K3-1010.00, £152.30

Conductivity SensorThe Conductivity Sensor connects to the analog inputs of the ALBA Interface and Logger.


  • dip type, epoxy body, parallel carbon electrodes.
  • Cell Constant: 1.0cm-1.
  • Temperature range: 0 to 80°C.
  • Temperature compensation: automatic from 5 to 35°C.
  • Response time: 98% of full scale reading in 5 seconds, 100% of full scale in 15 seconds.

The conductivity sensor has three ranges:

  • 0-200µS/cm
  • 0-2000µS/cm
  • 0-20,000µS/cm

The conductivity sensor is supplied with a bottle of Sodium Chloride Calibration Standard of 1000µS/cm.


Conductivity SensorTable shows the results of the ALBA Application 'Conductivity & pH of Acids and Bases'.







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