Student Function Generator


Student Function Generator, A2-2503.10, £235.00

Student Function GeneratorThe function generator is operated with three buttons: Waveform, Frequency an Amplitude. There is a single output, provided with 4 mm safety sockets. The output can easily drive a speaker or vibrator with ample amplitude for resonance and diffraction experiments.

The frequency range extends well beyond the audible range. The lowest frequencies are suitable for "slow motion AC" experiments.

Unique frequency control

The frequency is set with a speed-sensitive button. We have chosen the button's characteristic after many practical tests with commonly available physics equipment. If you turn slowly, the last digit of the display is set. Turning faster, the response accelerates smoothly. The generator covers the six decades from 0.05 Hz to 50.00 kHz in a single range. The frequency is stable within 0.005 %

Three waveforms

The generator provides sine, triangle or square wave signals. Distortion of the sine wave is less than 0.25 % in the audible range (20 Hz - 20 kHz) and remains below 1 % throughout the frequency range (0.05 Hz - 50 kHz).

Built-in power amplifier

The signal amplitude is continuously adjustable from 0 V to a peak voltage of 7.5 V (15 V p-p; 5.3 V RMS). More than 1 A peak current can be supplied. The output is overload protected.

Supplied with 12V power adapter




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