10F Capacitor


10 Farad Super Capacitor, A1-1200.60, £11.90

10F CapacitorThis Super Capacitor, 10F, 2.5 V, is ideal for showing that energy can be stored in a capacitor.







Storing Green energy from the Windmill
The windmill can be used to generate electrical energy which can be stored in the 10 Farad capacitor.

Step 1
Windmill Step1Using the hair drier, charge the super capacitor until the voltage is in the range 1.9V - 2.1V. Note that this may take up to 10 minutes. When the voltage is at a suitable value disconnect the lead to the super capacitor with the wind still blowing.













Step 2
Windmill Step2Now connect the two leads from the capacitor to the Smiley Green Man board and the LEDs will stay on for 5 minutes.




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