Solar Cell


Solar Cell, L1-1000.00, £11.90

Solar-CellThe mono-crystaline solar panel has a maximum rating of 4.4V, 90mA. It can be easily energised by a bright lamp or sunlight and can be operated in conjunction with our Solar Motor and Smiley Green Man LED Board.






Sudents can explore the behaviour of the solar cell:
• Investigate how the output voltage varies with the area of cell exposed to the light.
• Use filters to investigate how the output voltage varies with colour/wavelength of light.
• Use a light meter and investigate how the output voltage varies with light intensity.
• Determine the optimum electrical load for maximum power transfer for a known light intensity.
• Determine how the maximum power varies with the light intensity when the electrical load is fixed.

Graphs showing maximum power transfer for different light levels.
The light levels can be measured using our Digital Light Meter.





Using our decade resistance as the variable load the current and voltage can be measured using the simple setup below.



Technical notes for this product are available in the Teachers Section.


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