Windmill, L1-1040.00, £15.85

WindmillThe Windmill produces a voltage in the range 1.5V - 4.5V.


Height 180mm, width base 81mm



Things to try with your Windmill
• Connect the Smiley Green Man to your windmill taking care to connect the positive output from the Windmill to the positive terminal on the Smiley Green Man Board. Using a hair drier as a wind source investigate how the brightness of the LEDs varies as the hair drier moves closer to the Windmill - you may have to support the Windmill if the wind is too strong.
• Replace the Smiley Green Man with the Solar Motor and repeat the above.
• Connect the output of the Windmill to a voltmeter and repeat the above.
• Turn the windmill in steps of 10 degrees and investigate how the output voltage varies.

Technical notes for this product are available in the Teachers Section.


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