Infrared Thermometer


Infrared thermometer, C3-1010.00, £19.00

IR ThermometerThe TN1 is an infrared thermometer. The advantage of this type of thermometer is that it does not have to make contact with the object in order to measure its temperature. This means that you can point it at the ceiling, then at the floor and see that heat rises. Point it at your forehead before and after exercise. Open the freezer door, click the button and you have the temperature of your freezer. There are lots of things to explore with this unit.

The TN1 has the following specification:

  • -33 to +220 °C
  • 0.1°C resolution
  • 2% of reading or 2 °C - whichever is greater
  • 1:1 optics
  • 40 hours battery life - continuous use.

The 1:1 optics means that if an object is 10cm across then the thermometer must be held less than 10cm from the object.




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