Spectrophotometer/Spectrometer D3-1020.00, £449.00


Colorimeter BitThis Spectrophotometer/Spectrometer is ideally suited to many experiments across the sciences.
At the heart of the design is a modular system that consists of a base unit, cuvette attachment with a broad spectrum solid state light source and a fibre optic attachment with 1.2m fibre optic cable. The unit is powered using the supplied USB cable.

Connecting the Colorimeter



ColorimeterSpectrometry is very straight forward with the easy to use software - connect the spectrometer, load the sample and with one click and the scan appears on screen. The software allows single or multiple traces (up to 10) can be shown.
Data can be collected as intensity, transmission and absorbance and if that is not enough there is the ability to create user calibrated scale.
A simple moving cursor bar shows the values for a wavelength, one simple click tells you the peak wavelength for each scan.



The Spectrometer measures light intensity as a function of wavelength. It does this by diffracting light into a spectrum of wavelengths, detecting the intensity of each wavelength and displaying the results as a chart of intensity vs. wavelength in the Spectrometer software.
Within the spectrometer the light source is passed through a single slit diffraction grating so as to separate the different spectral colours. The individual colours are detected at the end of the light path by a charge-coupled device (CCD). The CCD is an integrated circuit made up of an array of linked / coupled light-sensitive capacitors, which detect the intensity of light and convert it into an electrical signal. Each pixel on the CCD represents a specific wavelength of light, and the more light striking the CCD the more electrical signal generated. Therefore, the electrical signal output by the CCD at each pixel is proportional to the light intensity at each corresponding wavelength. Fibre Optic Bit


Calibrated Spectral range: 400nm – 750nm
Resolution: 1.5nm
Accuracy: 3nm
Integration Time: 9ms to 3s
Dynamic Range: 12 bit

Changing to Spectrophotometer



LEDsPossible Applications
Analysying the visible spectrum
Beer Lambert’s Law
Plank’s constant – determination of wavelength
Absorbance spectrum of a liquid
Forensic  science




Using the Spectrophotometer




LEDs overlay

Overlay of three LEDs





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