Dual-Range Force Sensor


Dual-Range Force Sensor, B3-1100.00, £144.20
Force SensorThe Dual-Range Force Sensor is a general purpose device for measuring forces. It has been adapted from the Vernier range to run on the ALBA system.
It can be used as a replacement for a hand-held spring scale, or it can be mounted in a stand. It can be mounted on a dynamics cart to study impulse/collisions.
It can measure pushes and pulls. There are two ranges: ±10N and ±50N.

Possible areas of study include:

  • Studying force and impulse during collision
  • SHM
  • Monitoring friction forces
  • Hooke's Law
  • Archimede's Principl
  • Forces in a lift.

The Dual Range Force Sensor can be used in conjunction with the Air Track and Dynamics Track Adaptors.


Interested in Bungee Jumping?

Lift going UpTypical results using a Force Sensor with a suspended mass in a lift.




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