Kinetic Theory Model


Kinetic Theory Model, B2-2185.55, £71.50

Kinetic ModelThe Kinetic Theory Model is used along with the Vibration Generator and comprises of piston, steel balls and a base of stainless steel for placing on an overhead projector.

 View video of the KE model of a gas and also Brownian Motion.





KE Model Diag1Moving steel balls representing molecules bombard a plastic piston and suspend a plastic piston. Increasing the frequency of the Vibration Generator increases the average kinetic energy of the molecules - this is analogous to increasing the temperature of a gas. This results in the particles pushing the piston up i.e. the volume of the gas increases with temperature.










KE Model Diag2The diagrams opposite represent :

1 Solids

2 Gas under a piston

3 Gaseous state

4 Brownian motion

5 Boiling liquid




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