P.E.T. device for TSA/ALBA


P.E.T. device for TSA/ALBA, B1-1000.12, £45.60

PETThe Projectiles, Energy and Timing device enables many investigations to be tackled.

A ball bearing rolls down a track and crosses two photodiodes 2cm apart at the end of the track. Two event times are produced and sent to TSA or ALBA. If our Timing Plate is placed on the floor then a third time is produced. From this information launch velocities can be calculated, time of flight measured, kinetic and potential energies found.





PET SetupThe P.E.T. device is supplied with a ball bearing, clamp and a set of instructions detailing the unit's operation and listing eight experiments with typical results.
If you are using the ALBA Interface and Logger then the Timing Applications on Disk 2 are ideal for use with the P.E.T.


View of TSA being used with the P.E.T. device.




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