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ALBA RangerThe ALBA Ranger is an ultrasonic measuring device. Pulses are transmitted from the Ranger and reflect off the target. The reflected pulse is detected by the Ranger and the time between transmission and reflection is measured. Knowing the speed of the waves the distance can be calculated.

The ALBA Ranger connects directly to the serial port of the PC. Users who do not have access to a serial port can use our serial/usb lead. The Ranger does not require the use of the ALBA Interface and Logger. However it does use the ALBA Software which is supplied free with the unit or it may be downloaded from the website. The unit is supplied with a 9V plugtop power supply.

The feature enriched version of the ALBA Investigator software allows the user to choose what to display while the data is being captured:

  • distance/time graph
  • speed/time graph
  • acceleration/time graph
  • results in a table
  • distance, speed and acceleration meters
Read a review of this product from the Institute of Physics publication Physics Education




The user may select to display any combination of graphs, table and meters.

The software has a calibration routine that compensates for the speed of ultra-sound changing with temperature.

Use the Ranger to study bungee jumping.

Typical results from the SHM Application on Disk 5 are shown below:







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