Elastic Cord for Standing Waves


Elastic cord for standing Waves

Melde's ExperimentElastic cord used with the Vibration Generator to show standing waves.


Elastic CordThe Elastic Cord is supplied in 120cm lengths. Five different diameters are available: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3mm. This gives five different values of mass/unit length for those doing investigations involving Melde's experiment.

1mm diameter elastic cord, B2-2185.41, £1.95


1.5mm diameter elastic cord, B2-2185.42, £2.05



2mm diameter elastic cord, B2-2185.43, £2.15



2.5mm diameter elastic cord, B2-2185.44, £2.15



3mm diameter elastic cord, B2-2185.45, £2.20



Pack of Elastic Cord - one of each size, B2-2185.49, £9.50


Melde TensionIf you need to know the tension in the cord then you can adopt the setup shown here which uses one of our spring balances (dynamometers). The photograph shows a 2N balance which has a clearly marked scale and is easy to read.


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