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The items below are being offered an attractive sale price because they are end of line, demonstration items or from inservice courses.

They are offered with a one year warranty and may be returned within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

Please contact djb microtech for the availability of any item before ordering.

Items will be added to this list so if you are interested in a bargain add this page to your favourites.


Digital thermometer, £10.50

Original price £17.50

Range: -50 to 150C

Condition: good


Infrared thermometer £5.50

Condition: New. As stock is old a new battery has been put in.

1 available


Magnetic Stirrer, £45

Model: Hana HI-180

One available

Condition: New and in box


Magdeburg Hemispheres, £10 (pair)

These ones work on the priciple of increasing the volume and hence reducing the pressure. A good addition to the traditional ones where the pressure is reduced using a vac pump.

Very, very difficult, if not impossible in the classroom, to pull apart.

Condition: as new


Bundle of three PCs with serial port £150

These PCs, COMPAQ Armada M300 running Windows '98, come with a base station that enables them to be individually loaded with software from a CD. The ALBA software is on each computer. Once loaded with the software they do not require the base station to run programs.They were used for inservice training on ALBA software and are sold as one lot. For further information contact djb.


pH sensor box and probe, £35

Suitable only for the ALBA data logger

These items have been tested and were working although obviously have been used.

Conductivity Sensor, £65.00

Original Price £150

Suitable only for ALBA data logger

  • dip type, epoxy body, parallel carbon electrodes.

  • Cell Constant: 1.0cm-1.

  • Temperature range: 0 to 80°C.

  • Temperature compensation: automatic from 5 to 35°C.

  • Response time: 98% of full scale reading in 5 seconds, 100% of full scale in 15 seconds.

The conductivity sensor has three ranges:

  • 0-200µS/cm

  • 0-2000µS/cm

  • 0-20,000µS/cm


Condition: as new

Oxygen Gas Sensor, £40

Original Price £120

This O2 sensor allows lots of interesting experiments to be done
eg watching plants breathe in real time!; examining the O2 being used as a candle burns; breathing out - one long breath out shown opposite, rates of reaction, iron rusting...

Suitable only for the ALBA data logger.

Truly a superb item for opening doors to real science.

Six O2 sensors available.


Toggle Switch, £0.20

SPST, Rated at 6A

18 switches available.

Condition: new


Colorimeter Mk2, £65

Original Price £110

The Mystrica colorimeter has wireless connectivity that allows it to be used with iPads (Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th generation) and iPhones (4S and later but not 4).

  • Simple, robust design.

  • Versatile use as stand-alone or with a computer.

  • Performance that rivals instruments many times the price.

  • Readings displayed as absorbance or transmittance.

  • Long battery life.

  • USB link displays and stores results as tables and graphs.

  • Fully supported suggestions for practical activities

Condition: as new

Muscle Fatigue Sensor, £45

Original Price £132

Suitable only for the ALBA data logger.

Enables grip strength, pinch strength and muscle fatigue to be studied.

Numerous experiments are possible :

  • Is there a correlation between hand size and grip strength?

  • Is muscle fatigue time similar for all people?

  • Does wrist circumference exhibit any correlation with grip strength?

  • Is grip strength a function of age?

Condition: as new

Respiration Monitor Belt

Respiration Monitor Belt, £45

Original Price £89

The Respiration Monitor Belt (RMB) is used for investigating human respiration rates. It must be used along with djb microtech's Low Pressure sensor B1-1100.10 which connects to the analogue inputs of the ALBA Interface.

The RMB is supplied with tubing and connectors to enable easy connection to the pressure sensor.

Students can use the Respiration Monitor Belt to investigate:

  • their normal respiration rate,

  • the effect of holding their breath on their respiration rate,

  • the effect of exercise on their respiration rate,

  • the respiration rates of athletes and non-athletes,

  • the respiration rates of males and females.

Condition: as new


Photospectrometer, £315

Original price £449

This unit was originally supplied by Data Harvest.

Click for more info

Condition: Good, ex-demo model.

Two available.

Ek-300i Electronic Balance, £65

Max 300g, resolution 0.01g

Condition: Light marking on top pan and surrounding silver.

Software for the old serial connection can be downloaded from the internet.


Ek-1200i Electronic Balance, £70

Max 1200g, resolution 0.1g

Software for the old serial connection can be downloaded from the internet.

Condition: as new



Skin Temperature Sensor

Skin Temperature Sensor, £6.50

Original Price £12.00

The Skin Temperature Sensor, which connects to the ALBA Interface and Logger, can be used to investigate:

  • variations in the skin temperature of different parts of the body,

  • variations in skin temperature as a result of exercise,

  • the effect of external temperatures on skin temperature.

Condition: as new

Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic Pump, £40

Original Price £82.50

The peristaltic pump may be used:

  • with the bio-fermenter control unit

  • in titration experiments

  • in connection with column chromatography.

The pump has two rolling plastic pillars that press against the liquid in the silicone tubing.
The motor supply voltage is 4-12V dc.
At any set voltage the speed of the motor is constant.
Pump capacity: 0-150ml/min.

Condition: new

Motic F series Microscope, £75

3 lenses: 40/0.65, 10/0.24, 4/0.10

Condition: as new

pH Tester

Handheld pH Probe, £17

Original Price £39.50

The pH tester is a user friendly and easy to use pH meter. Calibration is just a touch of the CAL button and the measurement can be activated to manually hold or to obtain an end-point reading automatically.

The unit is housed in a water resistant case and features an easy-to-read, 8mm LCD display indicating pH over the range 0 - 14pH with a resolution of 0.1pH and an accuracy of ±0.2pH. The ambient operating range of the pH Meter is 0 to 50°C.

3 available

Condition: good

Sound Switch

Pair of Sound Switches £15

These are the old style sound switches which connect to TSA and the ALBA data logger.

Ex demo model and obviously used but working well.

Two sets available.




IR Light gate Source and Receiver. £15

Works over distances of 30cm, allowing large obtects to pass through.

To be used with TSA or ALBA.

Condition: new

10 sets availableor IR source on its own £6



Light Bridge for TSA, £20.00

This Light Bridge will operate with all versions of TSA.

1 available.

Condition: good



Lens End Bulb, £0.07

Rated at 2.5 V, 200mA

150 available


Bundle of 5 Component Holders, £12.00

Condition: good



Decade Capacitor Unit, £14.00

Part of demonstration kit.

Condition: as new


Geared Motor with reversing switch, £9.00

Part of demonstration kit.

Condition: as new


ALBA Joule & Watt Meter, £29.00

Part of demonstration kit.

Requires ALBA Disk 5

Condition: good


Capacitor Investigations Board, £15.00

Part of demonstration kit.

Requires ALBA Disk 1

Condition: good

Requires 2 AA cells


Inductor Investigations Board, £17.50

Part of demonstration kit.

Requires ALBA Disk 4

Condition: good

Requires 2 AA cells




Internal Resistance Board, £17.00

Part of demonstration kit.

Requires ALBA Disk 4 or can be used as a standalone board.

Condition: good

Requires 2 AA cells



Current in bulb at switch-on, £14.00

Part of demonstration kit.

Requires ALBA Disk 4

Condition: good

Requires 3 AA cells




Inductor Board, £5.00

For use with AC applications on Disk 3.

Condition: good

Four available


Stainless Steel Temperature Probe for use with ALBA, £10.00

Condition: good

Four available


Light Gate Source and Receiver, £7.00

To be used with TSA or ALBA.

Original design using lens end bulb as an I.R. source.

Condition:obiously used but in good working order.


ALBA Linear Light Sensor + Inverse Square Law Kit, £20.00

From demonstration kit.

Condition: good


ALBA Dual Range Force Sensor, £75

From demonstration Kit.

Condtition: good


TSA , £95

Condition: excellent

2 available

Sound switches, light gates, projectile track connect to all versions of TSA.


ALBA data logger -original serial version.

This item requires a quality USB/serial converter lead.

Condition - new

2 available - £80 each




Parabolic Dish

Silvered metal dish diameter=40cm height=10cm

2 available

£20 each


Sun Collector

Beautifully engineered piece of kit.

1 only, new


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