GMC Communicator software for PC
Click the link below to download the Installer ZIP file. Open this file and unzip it to a folder of your choosing - perhaps to a temporary folder on your desktop which you can delete later. Launch the GMC Intstaller which will install four files in your folder. Open the file 'How to Install the Software' and follow the instructions.

Download GMC software

A manual is available to download.  Note that all our data sheets and manuals are available in the Teachers' Section.

ALBA Demo(V1.6)
The ALBA Demo contains four Applications and the ALBA core program. This is an older version of our software but the functionality is very similar to the latest version. This is not a restricted or time limited version. Each Application has a data file which has been captured using the ALBA Interface and Logger. You can also use the software by creating an empty table and entering data manually. The graph and report writing features are then all available to you. The Demo version also contains a pdf version of the manual which can be read with Adobe Acrobat. The Manual takes the form of tutorials which leads you through the features of the software. Do not download the demo version if you already have a version of ALBA on your PC (or uninstall it first). The size of the demo version is 7M.

Please note if using Vista or Windows 7 right click on the downloaded exe file and select "Run as Administrator".

Download Alba Demo




Remove Old ALBA Drivers (from
When you run this program click the Add button on the right hand side then click Remove Devices at the bottom of the window.

Remove old ALBA Drivers


The latest version of the ALBA core is V2.05 and this should be downloaded by those who already have the Applications and core on their PCs. If you are uncertain which version of the ALBA software you have then load the software and look in the very top line of the window. When you download the core you will automatically receive the pdf version of the manual and the latest version of the Help file. When you unzip the download these will be put in your ALBA folder.

Download Alba Upgrade V2.05.

Click to read the Installation notes for Disk 1 which includes the Core.
When you run the new ALBA version for the first time it is worth while taking some time to identify the latest features. To do this select the Help then select Version History and finally Software. 


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