Opto Source


Opto Source, D1-1040.00, £19.95

Opto SourceOur Opto Source is a complete stand-alone item containing 9 bright LEDs arranged in the special shape of the letter 'F'. When viewing the source with a pinhole camera the image is clearly seen inverted in the vertical plane and in the horizontal plane. This is not possible with the traditional sources such as a a candle or a carbon filament lamp. The PCB is mounted on a wooden lens holder and the Opto Source is supplied with batteries.Close up

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ImageUse our Opto Source to verify the lens formula and for calculating the magnification for different lens to source distances.

Suitable bi-convex lenses of different focal lengths are available as well as lens holders.

Use the Opto Source to demonstrate image inversion on the retina.



This photograph shows vertical & horizontal inversion.

This photograph was taken in daylight i.e. there is no need for blackout conditions as the LEDs are very bright.



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