Footswitch for Reaction Timing, B1-1000.09, £14.20

FootswitchThe Footswitch should be used along with one of our Reaction Timing Switches connected to TSA or the ALBA Interface and Logger

The footswitch allows some interesting experiments to be performed:
1) Is the reaction time using your hand the same as when you use your foot?
2) Is your right foot faster/slower than your left foot?
3) If you are listening to music with headphones on does this affect your reaction time?
4) Measure your reaction time while you are on the phone receiving an eight digit number. How is your reaction time (hand and foot) affected and can you recall the number?
5) When you are considering stopping distances of cars does it matter if you use data from your hand or foot?

The experimental setup is very straight forward. A Footswitch and one of the Reaction Timer Switches are connected to TSA (or ALBA). The switches can be connected to either input. The Gap Timer mode is selected on TSA. When the person with the hand switch press their switch the LED comes on and when this happens the other person presses the foot switch as quickly as possible. The reaction time is then displayed on TSA.

Foot Reaction Timer












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