'g'-Ball, B3-1000.00, £22.70

g-ballThe g-ball contains a stopwatch that can display times from 0.01 to 29.99 seconds. Hold down the button and the display is reset. Timing starts when you release the ball and stops when it hits the floor. The battery for the display is easily replaced.


Experiments to Try with your 'g'-Ball
1) Determine 'g' by dropping the ball from a known height.

2) Throw the ball straight up. What height did the ball reach? What was its maximum speed?

3) Release the ball from a known height. Repeat the experiment from the same height but this time throw the ball sideways

4) Get your class to design parachutes then see which one takes the longest to fall from the top of the school. The best design taking the longest time.


Add some fun to your classroom
with this superb piece of kit.



Replacement batterys for the g-ball, B3-1000.05, £0.70 each

Two1.5V alkaline cells are required for the g-ball.





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