Hydroelectric Generator


Hydroelectric Generator, L1-1060.00, £76.00

Hydro GeneratorThe Hydroelectric Generator (Pelton turbine with generator) enables students to see clearly how hydro electricity is produced.

If the unit is placed over the sink and a good flow of water is allowed to hit the black plastic turbine wheel enough energy is produced to light a filament lamp.

The generator is a 6V AC bicycle dynamo type.

Transmit the energy across the classroom using stepup and stepdown transformers.

Dimensions: height 195mm, width 170mm, depth 100mm.






Pelton Cartoon

To enable your students to work with the Generator at the sink you could take a piece of wood that spans your sink and cut a hole in it. The hole should be of a size that would allow the Generator to stand unsupported and the water to drain away down the sink.








Best Results
LEDBest results were obtained using an LED mounted in our Component Holder. The LED flashes because the voltage produced by the hydroelectric generator model is AC.
Component Holder, A1-1200.51, £4.25



Low Current Red LED, A3-1000.00, £0.10



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