Prisms, Lenses and Mirrors Set


Set of Prisms, Lenses and Mirrors D1-2010.00, £42.50

Lens SetThis set of lenses, prisms and mirrors is intended for use with our RayZer Lightbox. The plastic lenses are 15mm thick. The base of each lens has been treated so that the passage of the beam can be clearly seen inside the plastic.

The lens set comprises of:

3 prisms
1 rectangular block
1 circular block
1 semi-circular block
1 thin concave lens
1 fat concave lens
1 thin convex lens
1 fat convex lens
2 plane mirrors
1 concave/convex mirror

The two plane mirrors enable reflection to be studied and parabolic mirror is for demonstrating the focussing of the three parallel rays or turning it round the other way to show the diverging of the rays.

This set should enable basic school optics to be studied.




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