Handheld Spectroscope


Handheld Spectroscope, Direct Vision, D2-3210.05, £57.95

Handheld SpectroscopeUses of this instrument include:

  • Fraunhofer lines
  • Flame test in chemical analysis
  • Absorption spectra through liquids
  • Spectra from discharge tubes

Features include:

  • Large diameter eyepiece aperture facilitates comfortable viewing of the single, large and bright spectrum which is centrally placed in the field of view.
  • High quality optical components ensure that absorption bands show up clearly.
  • The linear spectrum is generated by a particularly bright transmission diffraction grating of 600 lines/mm.

This is a top quality instrument giving a brilliant spectrum.
Diameter 25 mm, length 105 mm.
Supplied in protective rigid box.






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