Film Badge


Film Badge, F3-1000.00, £6.50

The film badge can be opened to show the different Film Badgetypes and thicknesses of metals.
The badge is supplied without film.

The badge has six filters:

  1. An open window which allows all incident radiation that can penetrate the film wrapping to interact with the film.
  2. A thin plastic film which attenuates beta radiation but passes all other radiations
  3. A thick plastic filter which passes all but the lowest energy photon radiation and absorbs all but the highest beta radiation.
  4. A dural filter which progressively absorbs photon radiation at energies below 65keV as well as beta radiation.
  5. A tin/lead filter of a thickness which allows an energy independent dose response of the film over the photon energy range 75keV to 2Mev.
  6. A cadmium lead filter where the capture of neutrons by cadmium produces gamma rays which blacken the film thus enabling assessment of exposure to neutrons.






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