Solar Thermal Collector


Solar Thermal Collector, L2-5037.20, £298.50

Sun Collector

The solar collector is used to demonstrate how solar energy can be converted into thermal energy.
The unit is complete with water pump and storage tank with heat exchanger. The storage tank can function like a hot water tank in a house – or (without water) it can illustrate a radiator in a room to be heated.

The table below shows typical results.

TableSolar radiation is absorbed by the black-painted absorber, which consists of a metal plate with copper tubes welded on. The back of the collector is insulated from the absorber. On the front is a transparent acrylic plate, which reduces heat loss by convection. The black-painted copper tubing is connected with plastic tubes to the water pump and the copper coil in the storage tank. Pipes and tubes are filled with water which is circulated in the system by the water pump. With a thermometer the temperature in the storage tank can be measured. When the amount of water in the tank is known, the heat input can be calculated from the rise in temperature. Two different stoppers are included: The one with the large hole is for an ordinary thermometer - the one with the small hole is for a thermal sensor that eventually may be connected to a data logging system. The solar collector is provided with a thermometer to allow the temperature behind the glass to be measured. The solar collector can be set at various angles with the lever on the side. The solar collector has been designed and built for educational purposes to demonstrate the principles of the technology.

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Required accessories

Power supply with adjustable DC voltage
A sun – either the real one or a powerful lamp
Magnetic stirrer





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