Light Gate Source/Receiver


Light Gate Source for TSA/ALBA, B1-1000.26, £11.90


Light Gate Receiver for TSA/ALBA, B1-1000.30, £18.30

The Light Gate comes in two parts - the Source and the Receiver.

Light GateThe Source connects directly to a DIN socket on TSA or ALBA. It uses a photodiode which has a daylight filter. This means that pupils working in a lab near a window should experience no problems with ambient light.

The Source was originally a lens end bulb but this has been replaced with an infrared source with the result that battery life is now much longer.















Light Gate + ALBAWith the infrared source, separation distances of up to 50cm between the Source and Receiver are possible. Much greater distances can be achieved if the Source is replaced with a 'Mag Light' type torch which can be focused. Do not use an LED torch or laser as these do not emit infrared.

djb microtech also supply a cable which enables Unilab Light Gate of type 414.033 to be connected to the DIN sockets on TSA or ALBA.




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